Our Story

As Ottawa's premier entertainment company, we at Extreme believe that the recipe to having a night to remember starts with a well-rounded, electric DJ. This is why we ensure that our team of DJ’s are well-experienced and personally matched to our clients based on their specific tastes in music.

extreme entertainment team members

At the heart of Extreme Entertainment

Everyone on our team has an extreme passion for events — we’ve been behind the scenes through organizing some of the biggest events in Ottawa and being a partner of some of the largest music festivals such as Escapade and Riverside. Now we bring all of our knowledge of what makes a party great to your own event.

What makes us unique

Extreme Entertainment was founded on a simple idea: to bring the best of the live music industry to weddings, corporate and school events.

Did you know that Audioform is the parent company of Extreme Entertainment? Our passion for events started when we realized how much we loved hosting them ourselves. Audioform was originally founded by Marshall and Damian from their love of music and building lighting systems.

Since then, we have scouted a roster of extremely talented DJs, pulling them directly from Audioform’s live events and bringing them your way through Extreme Entertainment.

Our results in numbers

No matter the event you’re planning, big or small, fancy or casual, we’re here for it.


Happy Clients

Over 300 events under our belt, with an average of 4.9 stars on Google review.


Songs library

And any type of genre on Youtube, Spotify, and more.


Professional and Friendly DJs

Plus our team of specialist to help make your event a day to remember.


Entertainment Services

Professional DJ services, interactive photo booths, dynamic MC/hosts, stunning special effects, luxurious limousines and more.

Event DJ making crowd dancing happily on a party!


Giving Back

Use our obsession with music to give a remarkable experience your people will never forget.


Canada's Leader in Event Entertainment

Our vision is to provide event entertainment by supplying the most reliable, responsive, and human experience possible.

The core values that drive everything we do


Be customer obsessed

We strive to create a community with a culture of ownership and unwavering customer obsession. We believe that by putting the customer at the center of everything we do, we can provide an unparalleled level of service and satisfaction.


Be honest first

We believe that complete honesty is the key to creating and sustaining strong relationships that result in the best product for the customer. We strive to foster a culture of transparency and trustworthiness, where we always communicate openly and respectfully with our customers and colleagues.


Act on feedback

Getting early feedback and acting on it fast is paramount to success. We strive to remain open to feedback because this is what empowers every team member to drive real change.


Do it better, make it faster

With efficient communication, and a no-nonsense approach to problem-solving, we strive to continually improve our products, processes and services in order to serve our customers better, faster and with higher quality. In other words... we are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence.


There is no box

We encourage creativity and innovation, and believe that thinking outside the box is key to success.


Get 1% better every day

Did you know that getting 1% better every day, results in  a massive 37 times improvement over the course of a year? We believe in the power of incremental improvement and strive to make small, consistent changes each day to create exponential results.

Meet Team Extreme

Executive Operator / Owner

Damian Polan

Damian Polan is the Owner and CEO of Extreme Entertainment. With a background in both tech and entertainment industries, Damian's unique skill set has helped him take Extreme Entertainment to new heights. Prior to taking over operations in 2022, Damian was a Senior Software Developer at Shopify, where he honed his skills in coding and automation. In his free time, you can find Damian hitting the slopes for a day of skiing or snowboarding. With his passion for both technology and adventure, Damian is a true visionary in the entertainment world.
A/V Specialist / Owner

Marshall McMahon

Marshall McMahon is the A/V specialist and Owner of Extreme Entertainment. With a background in both event production and A/V, Marshall has a unique skill set that has helped him take Extreme Entertainment to new heights. He brings over his passion for A/V from our partner company, and has a great experience in programming festival and event stages and organizing local events. He is a true audio and visual enthusiast, who can take any event to the next level. In his free time, Marshall is known for his skills in car painting and his love for cars. With his passion for both technology and events, Marshall is a true master of his craft in the entertainment world.
Support / Owner

Jeremy Beaulne

Jeremy brings his extensive event management and training experience to the company and helps with high-level decisions that ensure the company's success. Jeremy is passionate about creating unforgettable events, his skills in guest experience and project management were honed during his tenure as guest experience & project manager for Riverside Festival and Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy. In his free time, Jeremy can be found hitting the slopes for a day of skiing or producing electronic music. With his passion for both adventure and music, Jeremy is a true creative force in the entertainment world. Jeremy's enthusiasm and commitment to delivering the best guest experience are evident in every event he is involved in, making him an invaluable asset to Extreme Entertainment.
Operational Manager

Nicholas Packer

Nicholas Packer is the Operational Manager for Extreme Entertainment. He is one of the most involved and skilled DJs on the team and is responsible for training all of the company's DJs. Nicholas brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked as a notable event manager in Ottawa booking large-scale artists for our partner company Audioform. He is also a skilled DJ at many larger-scale events including Ottawa's Escapade Music Festival. In his free time, Nicholas is a certified tennis instructor for nearly a decade, his love for music and sports is evident in his work, as well as his hobbies. With his passion for both music and sports, Nicholas is a truly dynamic force in the entertainment world. He brings his unique skill set and enthusiasm to every event he is involved in, making him an invaluable asset to Extreme Entertainment.
Marketing Specialist and Administrator

Ting Wei Lee

Ting Wei Lee is a multi-talented individual with a background in both finance and event production. She brings her experience as a financial planner at an international bank and skills as a stage master of music concerts to the company. She plays an integral role in providing customer service support, website design, and assists in the overall operation of the company. In her free time, Ting Wei is a member of an unplugged music band and enjoys interior design. With her passion for both music and design, Ting Wei brings a unique perspective and enthusiasm to the team, making her a valuable asset to Extreme Entertainment.