Apr 11, 2024

How to Make Your Wedding Uniquely Yours

Planning a wedding in Ottawa? I've got some insider tips to share to make your wedding screams YOU.

How to Make Your Wedding Uniquely Yours
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How to Make Your Wedding Uniquely Yours

Hello there! Planning a wedding in Ottawa? I've got some insider tips to share. My team at Extreme Entertainment and I have seen it all—from the grandiose to the intimately quaint—and we've learned a thing or two about making a wedding truly yours. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let's chat about turning your big day into a beautiful reflection of your unique story.

Wedding Theme

Who says wedding themes have to be tacky? When done right, a theme does more than decorate; it tells your unique story, showcases your interests, and promises your guests an event to remember—all while looking absolutely fabulous.

What's a wedding theme, really?

It's the storyline of your day, a specific subject that weaves together atmosphere, visuals, and vibes. You might think Vintage, Garden, Minimalist, or Bohemian. But hey, that's just the tip of the iceberg! Your wedding theme is a limitless playground of possibilities waiting for you to explore.

Consider these unique themes of celebrity weddings—from Sean Parker's Lord of the Rings enchantment, Kim Kardashian's chic Black-and-White Ball, and even Nick and Mariah's Disney dream. Each theme uniquely mirrored the couple's essence.

Here’s How to Make Your Wedding Theme Uniquely Yours

  1. Interests and Hobbies: What brings you joy? Lean into what you love doing together—be it traveling, cooking, or gaming. These passions are gold mines for theme ideas.
  2. Personal Style: Your wedding is a chance to express your individual and collective style. Are you drawn to boho chic, vintage, or modern minimalist? What colour palette is your favourite? Let it represent you. We have seen weddings that gave their guests a color palette of outfit they should dress in and it turned out to be beautiful and memorable for everyone! 
Example of colour palette for your wedding guests
  1. Quirks & Traditions: Embrace the quirks that make your relationship unique. Fond of a particular movie franchise or board game? Have a mix of cultural traditions you want to honour? Themes we've seen range from Disney enchantment to anime extravaganzas, and even art gallery elegance, celebrating the diverse tapestry of love
Luxury Picnic Style Backyard Wedding
  1. Inspiration from Your Journey: Every couple has places that hold special meaning—the spot where you first locked eyes, your go-to getaway destination, or a city that captured your hearts. Drawing inspiration from these locales can add a deeply personal touch to your theme, infusing it with the essence of your shared experiences.

Bottom line: The key is choosing something that screams "us." For a dose of inspiration and handy tips, dive into this guide here.

Your wedding is a blank canvas. Dream big and let your unique love story paint the picture.

Photo & Videographer

Photos & Videos immortalize the fleeting moments that make up the essence of your love story. Candid laughter, teary-eyed vows, and the unguarded joy of your loved ones are treasures that deserve to be captured authentically.

Candid Moments that Tell Your Story

There’s magic in the unplanned, the spontaneous bursts of laughter, the tears of joy, and the stolen kisses. These are the moments that truly capture your love, beyond any posed photo ever could. Seek for photographers & videographers that know exactly how to capture the genuine, unscripted moments. These snapshots of raw emotion will tell the real story of your day. 

By Palm Tree Studio - Ottawa

Highlighting Personal Details in Photos: 

Incorporate elements that hold sentimental value—a piece of jewelry, a vintage car, or handwritten vows. These details add layers of depth to your wedding album.

Highlighting Personal Details in Photos
By Palm Tree Studio - Ottawa

Including Your Pets in Your Wedding Day: 

Although this may not be applicable for everyone, however, for many couples, pets are family. Including them in your celebration (and your photos and videos!) adds a heartwarming touch that truly signifies the idea of family coming together. However, managing your pet(s) might be a big task on the big day, here are some tips and tricks on how to include your dog in your wedding

Involve your dog at your wedding
By Palm Tree Studio - Ottawa

Choosing the right photographer and videographer is more than a business transaction; it’s about finding someone who gets you. Someone who, with just a glance, knows the exact moment to capture. Take your time to find a perfect match. Here is a guide on how to find the perfect wedding photographer and videographer for your big day. 

The Music!

Music touches souls and tells stories. Imagine walking down the aisle or having your first dance to tunes that whisk you back to memorable moments of your relationship. It's the unseen thread that weaves through the day, connecting moments and people.

Create a Customized Playlist with Your Wedding DJ: 

Sitting down with our couples is something we love at Extreme Entertainment. It’s our chance to get to know you – like how we found out one couple was crazy about Martin Garrix. So, what did we do? Our DJ whipped up a live mix inspired by Garrix, turning their reception into an epic dance party.

Want your playlist to truly reflect your vibe? We’ve got some key questions to help tell your unique love story through music. Check them out and let’s make your playlist unforgettable: How to Craft Your Personalized Wedding Playlist.

Choosing Songs That Are Uniquely Yours: 

Don't shy away from unconventional choices. That indie track that nobody else knows but holds a special place in your heart? It deserves a spot on your playlist. 

Sweet story to share: In one of the weddings we serviced, the couple requested a song by the bride's grandfather, a cherished family piece on their last CD. Our DJ not only played this unique track but also preserved it digitally for them. This personal touch deeply moved the guests and kept the dance floor vibrant, highlighting the profound impact of incorporating personal songs into the celebration!

Making Music Interactive with Guest Song Requests: 

Involving your guests by allowing them to suggest songs is like adding a turbo boost to your dance floor's energy. There's something special about waiting for your favorite tune to drop, and when it does? You bet everyone’s hitting the dance floor!

Quick heads-up though: at Extreme Entertainment, we suggest that if you are keen on keeping a certain vibe, your DJ is your line of defense. Make sure that you discuss song request boundaries with your DJ, set out a specific “do-not-play” list/genre, or just ask your DJ to keep all the songs within a certain range of genres. An experienced DJ will have the capability for picking the right requests to keep the energy up while sticking to your style.

Small Details

Ever thought about a guest book that's a bit more...you? It's often the smallest details that leave the most significant impact. Think about a wall where guests can pin advice, jokes, or doodles? Or wedding favours that aren't just cute but scream "this is so us"? From the welcome signs to the centerpieces, each detail is an opportunity to say something about you. 

Creating a Visual Timeline of Your Relationship

A slideshow or a memory lane photo gallery that can tell the story of your journey from day one to "I do." It's a poignant reminder of the road you've traveled together.

A breathtaking display of your story and picture throughout your life journey.

Innovating the Guest Book Experience

Move beyond the traditional guest book. Get your guests involved by setting up an interactive guest book station, think about anything that the guest can use to leave either written, audio or video messages for you. Tie it back to your wedding theme. For example if you LOVE traveling, put together a display of postcards and have guests write a note one their favorite. Check out this amazing blog post for guest book inspiration.

A travel postcard style unique guestbook
A travel postcard style guest book

Custom Wedding Favors

Think of items that reflect your shared interests or values—a plant-loving couple could give out succulents as wedding favors.

Interactive Activities 

Activities that can keep your guests engaged throughout the night – such as games, photo booth, and performances. Create interactive game stations that reflect your personal interests, and also allow your guests to contribute. Imagine this: you have a station where all your guests contribute to completing a painting of your next traveling destination. If you are hiring a photo booth service, consider making a customized backdrop that fits your theme – at the end of the day, those photos are going to last forever! Bride and/or Groom that loves dancing? Who will say no to flash mob surprise?

Hoying surprised Manio with a performance of his new song "Four"
Hoying surprised Manio with a performance of his new song "Four"

Culinary Creations

Your wedding menu is another avenue for personalization. It's an opportunity to share a piece of your story through taste.

How about serving that cocktail you had on your first date? Or maybe a late-night snack that's a nod to your midnight McDonald's runs? Let's make your menu a journey through your favuoite tastes and memories.

Signature Cocktails

Work with your caterer or venue to design cocktails that have a story. Maybe it's a drink you had on your first date or a blend that represents your blended family traditions.

Family Recipes

If possible, incorporate family or cultural recipes. It's a beautiful way to honour your heritage and share it with your guests.

Midnight Snacks

Surprise and delight your guests with a snack bar featuring your favourite treats, from gourmet donuts to poutine, celebrating local flavours.

A late-night Shin Ramyun ramen station with bowls and chopsticks at a wedding reception
Late-Night Ramen

Wrapping It Up

I’ve been a part of many weddings here in Ottawa, but the ones that stick with me, the ones that make me smile long after the music has faded, are those that felt authentic to the couple. At Extreme Entertainment, we're not just about playing music; we're about making it easy, making it fun, and telling your story.

So, what do you say? Ready to make some magic together? Your story deserves to be celebrated in a way that's as unique as your love. Let's chat about how we can make your wedding day unforgettable.

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