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Vogue and Rogue Weddings

How YOU benefit from this collaboration:
Early DJ introduction
Discounted rate
A smoother event with the DJ service that works closest to your wedding planner
Custom package designed for the best experience at The Opinicon
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Vogue and Rogue Weddings
DJ service package by extreme entertainment
To enhance your wedding celebrations, we have crafted a customized DJ package exclusively for Vogue and Rogue Weddings. This package has been carefully designed to complement and elevate the atmosphere of your events, providing an extraordinary audio experience that perfectly aligns with your wedding planner's vision. With our collaboration, we bring you the best of both worlds - Vogue and Rogue Weddings' expertise in wedding planning and our expertise in DJ services.

The Juniper

You’ll be receiving the following:
Unlimited hours of continuous DJ playtime
Premium-quality sound system for up to 250 guests
Crystal clear shure wireless microphones
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LED backlit DJ booth for extra clean and professional look
Dry ice machine creating "dancing on a cloud" effect
Complimentary ceremony service
A fun, friendly and professional DJ/MC mixing on turntables
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Our DJs handle absolutely everything for you - Every Step Of The Way - so you can focus on creating memories that last a lifetime.
Song requests
DJs that Emcee
Microphone, Speakers, Lighting, Special Effects
Setup & Teardown
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